RK Shukla has an epiphany of the moment that determines the future path of his life, no matter how insignificant it may appear to others. Taking away that moment, however, is equivalent to depriving that individual of the joyous experience of his future.

Something similar to this happened to me when I was sowing plants on my farm. Out of the blue, my friend asked, "Why don’t you start a business?

At that moment I realised I must. En route to daman, which in near future became my Karmabhumi - A Land Where I Built Alkush Empire

RK Shukla started Alkush with limited resources but great ambitions. At first, he ventured into the business of manufacturing consumer and institutional products.

The Alkush Brand gradually grew with more businesses like hospitality services, restaurants, hotels, construction work, human resource contracting & outsourcing.

In 2011, as the Managing Director of Alkush Group, RK Shukla decided to merge each individual company under a single roof with the holistic vision of expanding the company.

The Diverse Business of Alkush Group

The Passion and Ambition gave birth to Alkush as a single roof with different business objectives & activities which were